European Academy for Semantic-Web Education (EASE)
European-level Master of Science (MSc)


The Semantic Web and its technology are increasingly becoming a central element of many activities in computer science. The European Networks of Excellence KnowledgeWeb (Realizing the Semantic Web) and Rewerse (Reasoning on the Web) are launching the European Academy for Semantic-Web Education, an international distributed Master of Science course, in cooperation with leading European universities, all known for excellence in the field of Semantic Web:

The European Academy for Semantic-Web Education, completely in English, involves studying one year at one of the above universities, and completing the second year with a stay in another of the partner universities. After this, the student may obtain, together with the European degree, a national Master of Science degrees for each of the visited universities (e.g., in Italy this would be the Laurea Specialistica degree).

The Academy is meant for students with a bachelor degree from computer science, artificial intelligence, or related areas. The students will study up-to-date developments in the Semantic Web area; the programme consists of Foundation units, selected Advanced units, a Project, and a Master theses, for a total of 120 ECTS credits. All participating universities offer the foundation units; the advanced units will be different and depend on the participating university.

Goal of the European Academy for Semantic-Web Education is to build a new generation of Semantic Web experts, and up-skill the European workforce with ideas that point to the future. It is foreseen that students graduating in the European Academy for Semantic-Web Education are suitable candidates to follow-up PhD studies and, e.g., to visit later summer schools from KnowledgeWeb or from associated partners of the network such as the Rewerse summer school. On the other hand they have sufficient knowledge to work in companies, e.g., realising Semantic Web applications.

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